The Cast



Meet the Cast of Stripped… well, this is how I visualized them πŸ˜‰




Check back here as new characters are introduced….

22 thoughts on “The Cast

  1. bablubli

    Hmmm…Arnav & Khushi are a given. Reema Lagoo & Girish Karnad for the Guptas….interesting..very apt choice for the dignity that the Mrs. & Mr, Gupta are known for. Good start!

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  2. arshilicious.M

    The new cast includes lavanya too….so is she gonna play main character in ua edits or is still the same role as the previous storyline…??!!

    I m gonna miss the inauguration of such a lovely story due to my hectic schedule….I m gonna have vacation after my hectic weeks and I wud completely try to comment full on!

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