27 thoughts on “Galleria

  1. kkgasr78

    Stunning visuals. Every pic telling its own story. In true sense, you are an Epitome Of Perfection Di. What a beautiful feeling this is to fell in LOVE♡ once again in this beautiful & peaceful ‘SKD’ of ♥ “STRIPPED” ♥

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  2. arshilicious.M

    Well the galleria has taken me into a whirlpool of beautiful memories of ua story…I could still remember all the pics being related!!

    I love the black jimmy choos they r really very sexy….😘

    All the best since u r gonna juggle a lot of things in ua had vd Temptation entering the passion and Stripped being relaunched vd the beautiful edits in ua mind😉👍

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  3. desaimamta

    Hi Jigs
    Today while reading I was thinking about to visit gallery,,if u have any pics uploaded, but the note at the end of the update, really made me happy.
    Thank u for the pics, very nice.

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