Part 8 – The Honeymoon


“It looks like we’re ready… hey, what’s the matter?”  


Arnav held his wife’s hand, sitting down after speaking with the pilot, now that they were ready to take off. But it seemed she was lost in another world gazing out the window.


“It’s nothing. I can’t believe we are leaving Delhi, and everyone behind.” She smiled, turning to face him, as he leaned in, buckling her seatbelt.


“It’s only for a week, I told you earlier we will stop in Delhi and stay for a week before heading back for New York. There are some critical things I need to take care of for AR before heading back home. And generally only the couple goes on their honeymoon… but if you want, I can tell the pilot to hold the jet, and invite the family to join us. Shall I?”


She gasped, smacking his arm, as he buckled his seatbelt laughing, then signaled the attendant they were ready for take-off.


“I think we can leave them behind this time. I am looking forward to having my husband to myself for seven whole days with no work or family around.”  She winked, wrapping her arm in his.


“I love the sound of that. Seven days in paradise with no interruptions, and finally no more damn rituals.”


“Yes it was a bit too much, but now we can relax.” She glanced outside the window, feeling the plane moving.


“That is the plan. Sweetheart, are you comfortable? It’s going to be a long flight, but I promise the destination will be worth it.”


“How can I not be comfortable? Have you seen this thing? Of course you have, you had it built to your specifications. I still can’t believe you have your own private jet.”


“Correction… we, have a private jet… I hope you haven’t forgotten our wedding vows, my dear wife. What mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine. Am I correct?”


She glanced around the spacious luxury aircraft that had all the conveniences one could need while airborne, including a bedroom and full bathroom. This wasn’t her first time flying in it, she along with the family flew together to Delhi from New York over a month ago.  But this was their first time flying together, and there was no doubt this would be the means they would travel going forward.


A fact she couldn’t deny, and something she needed to embrace. She knew it was important to him for her to accept it.  She nodded in agreement, then leaned against his shoulder, hearing the engines roar, and picking up speed to take off.  


And in an instant they were soaring up to the sky, on the way to their honeymoon destination. The excitement building up, sitting in companionable silence while the jet reached its cruising altitude.


He kissed the top of her head, when she let out a yawn.  It was almost ten o’clock, he wondered if she was tired.


Today had been a long day with the pag phera ritual, then Khushi had dragged him to the mall before they went home, for some quick shopping for the trip. Followed by dinner at Shantivan where Nani surprised Khushi by inviting her family.  


He was anxious to leave earlier, but both families had pulled out the waterworks when they were leaving. They only let go of Khushi after he informed them he was extending their stay in Delhi after they returned from their honeymoon.


“Excuse me Sir, can I get you and Ma’am anything to drink or eat?”  


He came out of his thoughts, hearing the flight attendant, and looked down at Khushi who was resting her head on his shoulder.  But she let go of his arm, sitting back in her seat and shook her head.


“I will have a scotch on the rocks, and for Mrs. Raizada, a glass of red wine. Oh and the chocolate mousse cake with strawberries, I had requested. That will be it, thank you.”


Khushi sat with her mouth open, hearing him order a glass of wine and dessert for her. She wanted to say no, but it sounded too good at the moment to pass up. The glass of wine should help her sleep on the long flight ahead of them.


“That’s it, you leave me no choice…”


Unbuckling his seatbelt, he leaned over to cup her face in his hands and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.  She moaned when he bit the bottom of her lip wanting access inside her mouth which she quickly granted.


Something he had been wanting to do all day, as she walked around in her saree, followed by seeing her in his favorite jeans and t-shirt. But now with her mouth open, he couldn’t resist.  


He pulled away, hearing the clinking of the ice as the stewardess approached them. He smiled, looking at his thoroughly kissed wife, who sat back with her eyes closed till the attendant walked away.


“What was that for? Not that I am complaining.”  She blushed, as he fed her a bite of the cake.


“I have a lot more in mind, once we are done with this nightcap.” He raised his glass to hers for a toast, and continued.  “Here’s to officially kicking off our honeymoon.”


“Cheers!” They said in unison, then took a sip not taking their eyes off of each other.


Both enjoyed their drinks, while she grilled him on what he had packed for them. At first she wasn’t thrilled about the honeymoon being a surprise, but it seemed he had it all taken care of. She admitted to being happy to sit back, and see what he had lined up for them in Bora Bora.


Later when Arnav walked inside the bedroom, after speaking with the pilot, his eyes widened. Khushi stood by the bed, dressed in a short silk black nightgown. He stared at her after closing the cabin door, as she walked up to him, stroking her fingers from his forehead to his lips. Her seductive voice making his heart race.


“If I recall correctly you mentioned something about joining the Mile High Club yesterday. Hain na?”


He curved his lip, and nodded, before lifting her up in his arms.


“I have been looking forward to this moment for over a month now.”  


He placed her on the bed, before slipping out of his jeans, and his Harvard hooded sweatshirt, leaving nothing but his boxer briefs on. She smiled, when he climbed into bed, his heated gaze burning right through her body.  Both igniting their passion instantly, fulfilling their desires, as they joined together.  Their adrenaline spiked, as they found ecstasy like never before thirty thousand feet up in the sky.


And with that, they joined the Mile High Club, an exhilarating experience in the sky.




As they got off the jet, they were embraced by a tropical warm breeze. And they were dressed accordingly for the heat, him in a green t-shirt along with navy shorts and brown leather open sandals., while she had on a white maxi skirt with a red t-shirt.  


The clear blue skies surrounded by palm trees, bringing forth bright smiles at finally arriving at their destination. Well almost.


Arnav informed her they needed to take a boat to the island, but she wasn’t expecting the luxury yacht that welcomed them on board. The exotic beautiful flowers they handed her lit her face, as she looked over at Arnav. He fitted right in with his aviators looking devilishly handsome, leaning against the railing.  


She had never seen him so relaxed, taking the glass of champagne being offered to him. Ladies first always being his motto, he handed it to her before taking one for himself. They stood close together, soaking in the sight of the beautiful ocean being whisked away to the island.


“Arnav, why are they passing the resorts? Didn’t you say we are staying in Bora Bora?” She gazed up at him, when the yacht passed a long strip of island, which had private huts circling around it.


“We are, Sweetheart, but not there, just a few more minutes. Though we will be coming here one evening for dinner at The Four Seasons. And if you want to do any shopping.”


She nodded, burying her face in his chest. The time difference, and jet lag catching up with her. But for now the breathtaking view, the adventurous journey felt like a dream.


When they arrived at the island, Khushi was left speechless, walking in a daze to the bungalow they were going to be staying for the next seven days. His wicked smirk appeared, when it dawned on her that this was a private island. No one besides the two of them would be staying here, not even the staff who were here only during specified times set by them.


She hadn’t uttered a word while the staff gave them a quick tour and instructions.


They both took in the three bedroom bungalow, set in a natural environment with rich hardwoods, airy open beams, and open wooden shutter windows.  The South Pacific breeze flowed throughout the house, following you wherever you went.


She stood on the veranda outside the master bedroom, lost in the serenity of the island which was true paradise. The air and scent of the shore, simply taking her breath away.


He watched his wife from afar for a few minutes, and smiled. After getting to know Khushi, he had predicted she would fall in love with this place. She loved the ocean and nature which this island had. There was something about water, that transformed her into a whole another person. And this was no exception, seeing the serene expressions on her face.


“You hungry? Lunch is ready.”


She leaned back against him, as he wrapped his arms around her waist, both looking at the turquoise colored lagoon which was a few steps from the deck.


“Arnav, this place is exquisite! Seeing this in front of us, compared to the brochures, internet, or even in our dreams, doesn’t do justice. Though it would have been fine to stay at a resort, but I do love that we are alone on this island.  Oh, how I am starting to love my husband’s obsession with privacy.”


He turned her around, and kissed his wife for fully embracing this private getaway.  


“Glad to have you onboard Mrs. Raizada, and now we can do as we please, wherever, whenever, whatever… we want!  And I plan on maximizing our private time over the next seven days.”


He raised his hand to her face, caressing her flushed warm cheeks, as she looked down from his heated gaze piercing right through her.


“Do you not like that idea, Khushi?” He placed a lingering kiss on her cheeks.


“Um… woh… we need to unpack…” She closed her eyes, titling her neck, feeling his lips lingering on her neck.


“Later.” He husky tone whispered, placing a long sensual kiss on her neck.


“Um… I… am hungry.” She swallowed, as he feasted his eyes on her.


“And, so am I.”




“Khushi, what’s taking so long? I wanted to go for a swim before dinner…”


He walked inside the bedroom, dressed in his swimming trunks, eating an apple to find his wife sitting on the bed with her bathing suits scattered on the bed.


“What is this? You are not even dressed…”


“Exactly! What is this?! These are two piece bikinis… this is why I wanted to know exactly what you packed, but of course you omitted the fact this is the type of swimwear you selected for me. Arnav, I can’t wear this.”  


“Yes, you can and will. Now get up and put one of these on, or I will put something on you myself. And if I undress you, we know what will happen. So, what’s it going to be Mrs. Raizada?”


“But look at this…”  She scrunched her nose, picking up a top and bottom, which to her resembled underwear.


“Sweetheart, this is called swimwear.  And what are you worried about, when it’s only us here. Be a good girl, and… wear this one. I would love to see my wife’s hot body in this. Please…” He picked up a red bikini halter top with matching boy shorts for the bottom. Since the bottom resembled very short shorts compared to panties, she sighed in acceptance. She took them from his hands, and stood up from the bed.


“That’s my girl, now go get changed and I will wait for you on the deck outside. Hey, that’s my apple…”


“Oh well, it’s mine now.  You see my husband is giving me a workout, and I need to keep eating to build up my energy. If I want to keep up with him… kyu? That is the advice you gave me earlier.”  Giving him a saucy wink, she bit into the apple.


“Unbelievable.”  He murmured, walking out of the bedroom to get himself another apple. It wasn’t only her that needed to eat. His little vixen, was giving him a workout as well.


When Khushi walked out onto the deck a few minutes later, he took off his sunglasses, and stood there with his mouth open seeing her in the swimsuit.  In that moment, he was glad they were alone on the island to keep lurking eyes away from his wife. She looked hot, the two piece accentuating her toned, slender body. Though from the looks of it, she looked uncomfortable, walking nervously towards him pushing her shades on top of her head.


“Wow, my wife looks sexy!”  He leaned in, and placed a kiss on her lips.


“Isn’t it too revealing?”


“Absolutely not in front of me. It looks great on you. I am serious, Khushi, you can give any model a run for her money.”


“Always flattering me, though I do love the compliments. Thanks, baby!”  She winked at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.


“Shall we go in the water, pool or the ocean?”


She glanced towards the ocean, then looked behind him where the infinity pool wrapped around the deck. She smiled, looking at the gleam in his eyes and whispered.


“Arnav, with my Arnav.”


The next day, they decided to stay put and relax, recovering from jet lag. Arnav lounged back on the chaise, catching up on some reading with books he had downloaded on the iPad. While Khushi laid back with her eyes closed, thinking about the past couple of months.


“Arnav, do you hear that?” She sat up looking at him, taking off her shades.


“What?” He shrugged his shoulders, looking around, not having any clue what she was referring to.


“Nothing! That’s what… no one pulling me to ask about the wedding, no rituals to discuss, no wedding shopping, no work, no phone constantly going off. And look at you, reading! Even though it’s probably a business book but who the fuck cares. This is just remarkable!  Ahhhhh… I am loving this!”  


She smiled widely, pounding her feet on the wooden deck and raised her hands up.


“Looks like bridezilla is officially out of your system. Thanks to your Devi Maiya, for returning my Khushi back to me.”


“Was I really a bridezilla? I didn’t think I was that bad…”  She furrowed her eyebrows, pouting her lips.


He let out a husky laugh, sitting up then placed the iPad on the table between the two chaise they were occupying.


“Oh, it was bad! I can’t believe you made me cave in and tell you where we were going for our honeymoon.”


“It’s not like you told me everything.”


“You’re lucky I even told you at all, but I had no choice seeing your face before that mooh thing ritual. Here…”  He handed her the bottle of sunscreen, then laid down on his stomach.  


“Mooh Dikhai.”


She stuck her tongue out at him, making him chuckle, as he closed his eyes. She squeezed some sunscreen in her hands, and started to apply it on his back. Her fingers tracing his smooth back. Then she moved to his toned arms, before slowly moving to his legs.


Once she was done, she glanced at him dozing off, and smiled. She was asking for trouble, when she gently pulled down his shorts exposing his perfect behind. Taking a bit of lotion, she applied it, then smacked both cheeks.  


Arnav jerked up sitting up, dazed not believing what just happened. He watched her run off to the other side of the deck.   


“Khushi Singh Raizada, wait till I catch you and see what I do to you. Promise you won’t be able to sit on that pretty ass of yours.” He abruptly stood up, and chased her around the deck to the side of the house, towards the pool.  


“Arnav Singh Raizada, don’t you dare! I just washed my hair, and I don’t want to go in the water. Please no, I am sorry baba… Please!” She whined, pleading with her hands joined together, as he cornered her at the edge of the pool.  


“Fine, but I will get you later…” He slightly turned away, and she relaxed closing her eyes. But there was no stopping him after what she had pulled, he would get his way. He lifted her, putting her over his shoulder, then rubbed her behind.


She screamed out his name asking him to stop, uncertain of what he was going to do next. Her heart raced, as he continued to caress both cheeks. She was perfectly situated on his shoulder, her face buried in his back, as she whimpered.  


He couldn’t resist, and smacked her hard.  


“Ouch, that really hurt! You’re so mean…”  She cried out, hitting him on his back.  


“Perhaps the cold water will help soothe your sore bum. Time for a swim, sweetheart.” Without a further thought, he jumped into the pool with her kicking and screaming. Both sinking underwater together, with him holding her tightly as she tried to push him away. They both came up together, and he grinned as she glared at him.  


“You… I… I…


“I know Sweetheart, I love you too!”


They took full advantage of their time on the island, exploring it during their walks. Trekking out to the middle of the island where they found different exotic flowers, fruit trees. When she had spotted a mango tree, she insisted he climb it to get a few down for her. Of course, by now she had learned that bribing him with sex worked very well, which she used to her full advantage.

Their best experience, however, was exploring under the ocean surrounding the French Polynesia. He was surprised at her willingness to try adventurous activities, such as scuba diving. It was the best way to see the deep sea which consisted of sea life and tropical fish. Though he had the most fun cruising around with her on a WaveRunner, listening to her screaming her heart out, and admittingly so had he. It was a thrilling experience, speeding through the ocean with her clinging onto him.

But as honeymooners, they took every opportunity to get their fill of passion anytime, day or night. Both open and carefree, exploring their sensual desires.

Though their last night had him stunned…

“I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow, and then it’s back to reality. You clinging to my souten, and AR consuming our time in a matter of couple of days.”


She looked up at him, as they walked hand in hand for their after dinner walk.  A habit they started from their first night on the island.


“We can always retire now if you want. I actually could get used to this.”


She laughed.


“Nope, I can’t imagine you being content with this lifestyle for too long. And to be honest, even I would get bored after sometime. We are both driven by our careers, and at the end of the day that’s what gets us motivated, and excited to take AR to new heights. Plus we have to get our company to the billion dollar mark.”

He stopped, and stared at her, as she raised her eyebrow.  

“Did you just say our company?”


She nodded, as he pulled her in his arms.


“So does that mean you will accept my wedding gift?”


“If that is what you want, then yes. At least it will get you off my back, and we can put this behind us. But I still feel…”

He covered her mouth with his hand, shaking his head. This had been an ongoing discussion between them this past week, as he tried to convince her to accept this for him. He needed to do this more for him, than her.


“You have just made me extremely happy, my love!” He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a tight embrace. She closed her eyes, letting out a heavy sigh, finally being to accept this for his sake.

“You know what we should do, make this an annual tradition…”  He continued a few moments later as they started to walk again. “We should take a three week vacation at the end of the year, stop in Delhi to spend time with the family then take an extended vacation for our anniversary, just the two of us. Discover a new place every year. Of course that is till we decide to have a baby…”

Now it was her turn to stop, her heart skipped a beat hearing him say baby. They rarely talked about having kids, yes she knew he wanted children, as did she but hearing him voice it out loud today made it feel much more real.  


“Yes… why, do you not want to have kids?” He looked at her puzzled, since he knew she loved children. It was apparent in the way she loved Aditya.


“Oh Arnav, of course I want us to have kids. They would be a symbol of us, our love. This is the first time we are actually discussing it, so I am a bit surprised.”


He nodded, continuing to walk in silence for a few minutes. Both thinking about their future together, having a family.  

“How many?” He asked softly, facing her to gage her expression.


She smiled up at him, and he could see the tenderness in her gaze, that warmed his heart.  


“At least two… I was an only child, and always wished for a sibling. And now that I see you and Anjali, I would want that for our children. And you… how many?”

“Two, I guess… but I definitely want a girl! And, we are not stopping till I get one.”

She burst into laughter, at his declaration.

“So if we have three boys…”


“Then we go for number four, five, only stopping till I get my princess.”

“You are out of your mind… no way are we having that many kids. I am not a baby making machine, hope you know that.”  She stood there with her hands on her hips.  

“I know, sweetheart. But we have some time for this argument, for now let’s enjoy our last night in paradise.”

They continued their walk, talking and laughing about their future. When they neared the house they decided to sit on the sand near the ocean for a few minutes before heading back inside to start the task of packing.   

She looked up at the clear night sky where the stars seemed be at an arm’s reach despite being far away as they glimmered. A view like no other, that left her in awe every night, as she gazed up at the sight.

He sat there rubbing her back, both relaxed, leaning against each other. She put her head on his shoulder.


There was something about the moment that felt surreal, as if she had a sense of deja vu. The memory vividly coming back to her, and she started to giggle.  


“Would you like to share what has you so amused?”

He gazed at the captivating hazel orbs that even in the darkness, shimmered up at him. She straddled onto his lap, as his hands made their way inside her dress, caressing her thighs. Her body warming with his touch, making her shift closer to him.

“Do you remember the morning of the mehendi when we texted about my dream?”

“How can I forget? But we didn’t get to finish the conversation.”

“What if I show you? However I expect your full cooperation for fulfilling this fantasy…”

“It would be my pleasure.”

He closed his eyes, feeling her soft lips against his, as she took control intensifying the kiss. His hands splayed around her hips, as she rubbed against him. She moaned, pulling away, her body in flames, yearning in anticipation.

“Skinny dipping.”


“What?! You must be joking!”


He looked up at her, as she stood up, mischievously shaking her head. He got up on his feet, watching her pull off her dress and throw it in his direction.  He caught the dress, putting it over his shoulder.  She stood in front of him, in a sheer deep purple strapless bra with matching panties.


She laughed, as he nervously looked around, trying to cover her up towering over her.

“Wait, haven’t you been telling me this week, we are alone on this island to do as we please. Just so you know, those swimsuits you made me wear this week, is equivalent to what I am wearing.  Though, it will coming off very soon… and I expect you to do the same.”

“But Khushi.”


“Aren’t you curious to know what else I dreamt about, which had me moaning with pleasure.” She stroked his face with her fingers, and then clasped his arousal, stroking it.


“Khushi…”  Her name coming out in a husky moan, the heat in his gaze reflecting hers.


She curved her index finger, alluring him to join her as  she went inside the water. And he slowly walked over, stopping at the edge of the shoreline, watching her swim.


“Baby, catch!”  She yelled, throwing her bra at him, quickly followed by her panties.


He stood there. wondering what had come over his wife to be so bold, but heck he wasn’t going to stand here and watch.


It was time to join her, and find out what this dream was about. He quickly bared down to nothing, then got into the water. She went up to him, winding her legs around his waist, as he lifted her up.


“I can’t believe you have us both in here with nothing on, now what’s next? I hope it involves me taking you in here, I need you now.”


“It definitely does, I want to know what it feels like having you inside of me in the ocean.”


She placed her lips on his, no words needed to express what they desired from the other, as they kissed. And with those unspoken words, the gentleness of every stroke, caress, turned into raw passion.  The ocean, taking them to the depths of passion on their last night in paradise.


A night, that will be remain with them forever, like the many memories created from all the ceremonies, and rituals from their Shaadi.


A shaadi that fulfilled their dreams of becoming one, as husband and wife.




If I loved writing this the first time, I loved it even more this time around. I enjoyed reading it while slightly polishing it up. The rituals, ceremonies, clothes, songs, honeymoon destination, coming all together for a perfect closure for Stripped and my favorite Jodi! With that, it’s time to say goodbye.


I hope you enjoyed my little token of appreciation for the support all of you have given me throughout this journey. And a big thank you to those who came back for more during Stripped, The Shaadi Special. Please accept this writer’s heartfelt gratitude for your continued support.


Please note, on January 31st, this blog will officially be closed 😦 I know many of you are attached to this story, but it’s something that I need to do to protect my work as this story has been plagiarized word for word twice.


One final request, if you will please leave your mark so I know you were here, and reading, it would mean so much to me. Your words are a writer’s reward!


A very Happy New Year in advance!


Loads of love,






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      • godis222good

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        • Jigs~

          That is some hectic long distance traveling! Being a road warrior myself for several years, I can totally relate. And this cold weather so needs to go! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! Muahhh ❤️

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    Happy New Year 2018
    May the New year bring you all the best wishes and good luck.

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    If it wasn’t for the wonderful back support of her Man and the wonderful family the journey wouldn’t have been this smooth.
    Rarely do we see a man wanting his woman to soar higher than himself. Here Arnav’s perspective on life his complete confidence in Khushi and the continuous effort to make her believe that she’s indeed deserving of all the opportunities was a delight to read.

    Thanku for this journey for sharing a piece of your heart with us😘☺️

    Until we see again
    Happy and blessed New year to you and family 🤗

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    Sent from my iPhone


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    Finally Khushi accpeted Arnav’s wedding gift nd now they are one in every sense, with no me and you, just ‘we’ amongst them.
    Thank you for writing the most memorable corporate love story of our favorite couple… Stripped will always be remembered even if we’ll miss reading it. Hope u will continue writing such marvellous works… 👍👍

    A Very New Year to u and ur family Jigs and all the Strippedeans. ☺

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    You know this story is one of the best work on Arhi ff… I loved this story so much 😘😘😘
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    I hope to see your other works soon….

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    I have enjoyed stripped throughly and may have not commented as often and as frequently as I wanted but I applaud your creation and the writer completely

    A new perspective to two of most favored characters on the history of Indian tv what can I ask more

    Love the character love the equations and love the backdrop the display of determination to fight the demons of life is superbly potrayrd across the story

    Wishing you the best in the new year & Hamesha ♥️!


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  52. damjar

    A Beautiful end to another of your amazing stories. Such a Romantic way to end this Shaadi Spl. Thanks for the re-read Jigs. It is bitter sweat to say good bye to Stripped and Stripped special.

    Arnav & Khushi who fought their demons found their way to each other and Arnav fought for them and waited patiently till Khushi was ready for their journey together. Thanks once Again Jigs. 🤗

    Wishing you and your family a Very Happy New year.🎉 Wishing all the Strippedeans a Happy New year. 🎉

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  53. johngaltif

    catching up!! Wow!! What a chapter!!
    Thank you!!!
    I don’t know what I am going to do in 2018, with many of my favourite authors taking a break 😉 hopefully a short one!!
    Please continue to weave your magic!!

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  54. rshree82

    Wow…beautiful ending of the Shaadi hot!!!
    Thank you Jigs for reposting the Stripped story!! Loved it!!!

    Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!! and pls do continue writing whether it is of Arnav and khushi or any other characters 🙂

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    Finally we got to know about our khushi’s dream and Iam amazed at the way the dream came true – loved the bold khushi – everyone of us have this boldness in us when it comes to our loving partners, I guess. I will take this lesson from khushi and try to implement some too😉😉.
    Thank you jigs once again for this beautiful journey. I loved every second of it.

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  56. arshibarunholic

    I would never want this fairy tale story to end !! This has been a fresh air for me from the very beginning, how I wish some producer should read this and get this on roll with Sarun 💝 you are a gem of a writer so positive ☺️ Extend this story a lot more I will never get tired of reading it again and again . Thanks a lot for sharing your work with us 😊 I am glad I got a chance to read such brilliant Arshiland work😊😘😘😘

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  57. usha21aug

    Hi jiggs….beautiful ending to an awesome story…..thanks jiggs for taking us to the beautiful world of our favourite couple…loved raeding it….hope you will come back with another awesome story on our Arshi..will be waiting eagerly…Happy new year to you and your family..stay blessed..

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